Ferocious Faith Product Line, Inc.

In February 2018, Ardenna Hardy launched the Ferocious Faith corporation in the state of Texas.  Her idea was to create a company that would allow her to fulfill her passion for ministry and business.  She wanted to design her corporation proportionately divided into 50% ministry and 50% business.

It was vital to her that she be able to share her faith in God with other believers.  Ardenna wanted to use her spiritual gift(s) to encourage Christians to stand firm on the Word of God and always follow the leading of the Holy Spirit!

The three main components of the corporation include blog posts about faith, God’s grace, mercy, and many trending topics that would interest some Christians.  Another segment consists of our online store created to sell the many inspirational products for men and women.  The third aspect of the corporation will encompass events geared toward Christian women and Christian women Veterans.

Our Mission is to share, to build, and to encourage others using the Word of God.

About the CEO

Ardenna was born in central Louisiana in the early sixties.  She credits the foundation that her mother established early in her life as the catalyst for the morals and values she still holds today.  Growing up in a rural community during those times meant you sometimes had to share in the work to help make ends meet.  These circumstances produced an ambition in Ardenna that shows up in her work ethic and her desire to share her dreams and goals with others.  As she looks back, she can appreciate the good times, the hard times, and all the drama encountered while growing up in a large family.

After graduating from high school, Ardenna embarked upon a career in the US Army that took her on one of the best “and free” educational tours one could receive.  During her military career, she attended several military schools in which she received training as a Medical Specialist, Patient Administrative Specialist, and Human Resources Sergeant.  During her tour of duty as an active-duty soldier, she received many awards and decorations.  She has traveled to several countries such as South Korea, Germany, France, Mexico, and Japan.  After leaving active duty in 1994, God in His infinite wisdom saw fit to bring her full circle where she once again served the military and the country.  In 2004 when Ardenna returned to the military, she could never have foreseen returning to South Korea to complete her final assignment, where it all began in 1979.  Ardenna retired from the US Army on May 31, 2011.